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The Kerala houseboat, tourism's hottest new attraction, graces the waters with a trail of history behind it. It is the contemporary version of the "Kettuvallom" or "boat with knots", the traditional country craft of Kerala. 111 feet long, these giant boats were once built by tying together massive planks of wood. Once used as rice boats, a part of it was covered with bamboo and coir to be used as a restroom and kitchen for the crew. A properly maintained Kettuvallom lasted for generations. The advent of road transportation of cargo pushed these ingenious boats to the verge of extinction. Today this utilitarian country craft has undergone an exciting evolution. Thanks to an innovative holiday idea.

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House Boat Interiors

House Boat Interiors

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Main Particulars

Power:68 -105 HP

24 M * 4.87 M * 1.4 * 0.5 M (80’) Aux Engine: 10-20 KVA
27.43 M * 4.87 M * 1.4 M * 0.5 M (92’)
* Options for other sizes avaialbale
Speed: 6-8 Knots in Calm Water

Scientifically designed fibreglass houseboats

Samudra Shipyard has been building boats for more than three decades. Currently, true to its penchant for innovation, it is replacing wood with fibreglass while making luxury houseboats. These scientifically designed and tested holiday cruise boats have become a benchmark in modern-day boat building. The luxurious furnished houseboat gracing the backwaters is the hottest thing to happen to tourism in India. This exotic barge meant for leisure cruises comes with 2 and 3 attached bedrooms, modern Bio toilets, a snug living room, an open lounge and a kitchen. More than a house built to float on water, it can actually be a cruise boat or a floating restaurant.

Advantages of fibre glass houseboats over wooden houseboats

Virtually maintenance free when compared to wooden houseboats
Fibre glass boats are not affected by marine growth and salt water
FRP houseboat hull is ready within 30 days
Built by professional in State of Art facility

Age-old tradition. New-age technology

Samudra Shipyard has opened fresher insights into the making of a modern houseboat. Earlier in the Kettuvallam, the hull used to bear all the weight. But with the most notable addition of the superstructure, the problem of stability has come up. Safety too has been another problem all through. Samudra's pioneering introduction of scientific design into its new-age fibreglass houseboat tackles all these issues comprehensively. These Boats are built as per Inland Vessel Act 2010.

The making of a flawless houseboat

Running on an inboard diesel engine, Samudra's fibreglass houseboat is the result of extensive R&D. The hull was put through a tank-testing facility at the Department of Ocean Engineering, IIT Chennai, the only such facility in India, the final product confirms to the test results.

The best brains in India worked behind the creation of Composite Houseboat. The project was undertaken jointly with the Advanced Composites Division of the Technology Information Forecasting & Assessment Council (TIFAC), New Delhi. TIFAC is a division under the Department of Science and Technology, forecasting future technological requirements for all sectors. TIFAC's Advanced Composites Division, was headed by Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, former President of India.

The Hull of the houseboat, designed at IIT Chennai, is made by virtually eliminating wood. Making it maintenance-free and eco-friendly. Space-age technology, like the one employed in the making of the fuselage of Boeing aircraft (vacuum bagging), is pressed into use. The Industrial Design Centre, a wing of IIT Mumbai, designs the entire fiberglass superstructure. IIT Kharagpur and the Department of Tourism Kerala are also part of the project along with Samudra. Samudra Composite House Boats offer trouble free service in kerala , Karnataka & Dubai

All Samudra products may be subjected to technical refinement./ Items shown in the picture may not part of standard product.


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